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You go through life, you’re on your own, you think that all is well
But people, let me tell you that you’re headed straight for hell
Unless you know this Friend of mine, who’ll help you through your strife
His name is Jesus Christ the Lord, the Way, the Truth, the Life.

My Lord will never, ever leave you
He’ll always save and keep you
He’ll hold you safely in His arms
Come to Him and trust Him
Tell Him that you love Him
He’ll hold you safely in his arms

He came to earth and died upon the cross at Calvary
To save our sinful souls from hell so we could be free
It’s a precious gift from God that saves us one and all
Open up your heart to Him, hear His gentle call.

When Jesus did His miracles and healed the sick and lame
The power came from God above He did it in His name
When it seems you’ve lost it all, His power is there for you
By His grace you can be saved, His love will see you through

Jesus always sees you through no matter what takes place
He gives you power to stand and say “Hey, Devil, In your face”
Let Jesus in and let Him work, leave Satan in the cold
The devil just don’t stand a chance when Jesus takes a hold

Lyrics written by Per Vinding